I had previously seen a chiropractor several years ago for lower back problems, and they helped quite a bit. After [he] looked at me he decided I actually had shoulder problems, so with the treatment he started giving me and exercises, I was able to get a full range of motion. Matter of fact, it's doing so well for me that I just returned from a 6-day golf trip in Arizona and I was able to play every day—something I was kind of afraid I wouldn’t be able to do prior to coming here. Didn’t help my golf game, but I got to go, and that was the good story. - John

I’ve suffered from horrible headaches since I was college-aged. I’ve been to doctors, I’ve tried tons of different medications. I’ve lived on Excedrin for years and years and years. I had a family that was against chiropractic. I finally got brave enough to not listen to them and come here on my own and it has done wonders. I take Excedrin very very seldom now… neck pain, shoulder pain, all of that is gone now. I’m really glad I made this move. - Andy

I figured I probably wouldn’t be playing baseball this season, and I just wanted to get my shoulder back to normal, so I came to Papillion Chiropractic. In about 5 months, they got my shoulder back to baseball playing. Before I came to Papillion Chiropractic I couldn’t lift my shoulder up about 90 degrees and I couldn’t throw a baseball at all. Now I have full range of my shoulder, and I can throw a baseball better than I could before I came to Papillion Chiropractic. - Tyler

Prior to coming to Papillion Chiropractic I was having several issues. I was having numbness down my left arm, radiating pain down my left leg which caused numbness in my toes. I wasn’t able to run, couldn’t walk for long periods of time. I went to a cardiologist, vascular doctors, my family doctor and basically was told that I just had to live with it… After three years of putting up with the numbness and not being able to work to my full ability, I decided to come to Papillion Chiropractic. After three months I was able to start working out again, and now I can’t imagine my life without being able to do those things. - Julie