Research Studies

  • Spinal manipulation epidemiology: systemic review of cost effectiveness studies.

Michaleff ZA, Lin CW, Maher CG, van Tulder MW. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2012;22(5):655-62

Summary: Spinal manipulation is a cost-effective treatment to manage neck and back pain when used alone or in combination with other techniques compared to GP (general practitioner) care, exercise and physiotherapy.

  • Comparison of spinal manipulation methods and usual medical care for acute and subacute low back pain: a randomized clinical trial

Schneider M, Haas, Glick R, Stevans J, Landsittel D. Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 2015;40(4):209-17

Summary: Chiropractic manipulation is effective in short term treatment of acute and subacute low back pain. Chiropractic manual manipulation can provide greater reductions in self-reported disability and pain compared with usual medical care for acute and subacute low back pain. Significantly more patients in the manual manipulation group achieved moderate or substantial reductions in disability and pain scores compared to usual medical care.

  • Changes in H-reflex and V-waves following spinal manipulation.

Niazi IK, Turker KS, Flavel S, Kinget M, Duehr J, Haavik H. Exp Brain Res. 2015;233(4):1165-73.

Summary: Chiropractic prevents fatigue and increases muscle strength. These results suggest that chiropractic adjustments may be indicated as part of the treatment for the patients who have lost tone of their muscle and/or are recovering from muscle dysfunction such as stroke or orthopedic operations. These findings will also be of interest to athletes as well as the general public.

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