Pinched Nerve

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If you’ve had a pinched nerve before, you know it hurts. A LOT! And it can come out of nowhere. One minute you’re feeling great, and the next you can’t turn your head, or bend over to tie up your shoes.

A pinched nerve can occur after a whiplash injury, or from sleeping or moving the wrong way. Sometimes even from a bulging disc.

Pinched Nerve Chiropractor Treatment Omaha & Papillion, NE

The most common pinched nerve symptom? You guessed it, pain! But a pinched nerve can cause other, equally uncomfortable symptoms. You may have numbness or tingling in your neck, back, arms or legs. If your nerve is pinched long enough, you may develop muscle weakness.

Where you feel symptoms really depends on where your pinched nerve is. A pinched nerve in the neck usually causes neck pain and stiffness. But it can also cause a neck headache, as well as symptoms down your arms. A pinched nerve in the lower back can cause lower back pain and stiffness, as well as symptoms down your leg.

Common Causes Of A Pinched Nerve

Most of your nerves run from your spine and out into your body. A pinched nerve occurs when  there is pressure on a nerve at some point along its length. It can happen near the spine, but can also happen at other points in the body.

Successfully treating a pinched nerve means matching the cause with the right type of therapy. Below you’ll find the most common causes of pinched nerves, as well as your best options for relief.

Pinched Nerve Pain Chiropractor Treatment Options Give You The Best Chance For Relief

All pinched nerves are not created equal. They all hurt, but can come from a number of different causes. So it doesn’t make sense to treat them all the same. Your care should be specific to your problem, otherwise it probably won’t be successful. You need options!

A combination of treatments is usually the best approach for a pinched nerve. This can make for a faster recovery, less pain, and less time spent running to appointments. It also means getting back to the activities you enjoy faster, even if it’s just being able to sleep at night.

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