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Infant & Babies Chiropractor Treatment | Papillion Chiropractic | OmahaBeing born is hard work. There are many pressures and forces being exerted on your baby during his journey into the world. A recent study by V. Frymann, D.O. demonstrated that 90% of newborns suffered effects from birth trauma which is associated strain through the neck and cranial areas following birth. Dr. Frymann studied more than 1,500 babies periodically across an eight year span. She examined all babies within the first five days of birth and many were checked within the first 24 hours of birth. 

The study revealed the following:

  • 10% of newborn babies had perfect freely mobile skulls or cranial mechanisms. 
  • 10% had severe trauma to the head
  • 80% had some strain patterns in the cranial mechanism

If left uncorrected, this trauma continues to impact a baby’s spinal growth and development, reducing the healthy function of his nervous system. This can cause many health challenges later in life that could easily have been prevented. 

Birth can be traumatic. While each birth is unique, there is always a chance that the baby will suffer some sort of strain due to a variety of reasons even in a natural birth. As researcher G. Gutmann has written, “The trauma from the birth process remains an underpublicized and therefore significantly under-treated problem.”


  • Very short labor
  • Very long labor 
  • Failure of the cervix to dilate
  • Use of Pitocin to strengthen or induce uterine contractions
  • Use of forceps or vacuum extraction 
  • Cord around baby’s neck
  • Cesarean delivery due to lack of progress
  • Pulling or twisting on the head to deliver the infant’s body  

In addition to Dr. Frymann’s study, a Harvard University pathologist, Dr. A. Towbin, found evidence of spinal injury common as a result of the birthing process. He also found evidence of a spinal injury in many cases of SIDS and infant respiratory conditions. 

Birth trauma often causes neurological dysfunction. In a German study examining more than 1,000 babies, they concluded that approximately 80% had some form of nerve dysfunction. This is of utmost importance since 65% of brain and nervous system development occurs in a child’s first year of life. During this critical time it is vital that the nervous system be healthy so the child can grow and develop to his potential. 

Nervous system dysfunction can look like the following:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Reflux/frequent spitting-up
  • Irritability/colic
  • Difficulty nursing due to impaired sucking/swallowing/head positioning
  • Balance issues
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Delayed developmental milestones

Infant & Babies Chiropractor Treatment

Chiropractic care is focused on removing nerve dysfunction which improves brain and body communication so infant & babies can grow, development, and function at its highest potential. When adjusting babies and children, a Doctor of Chiropractic only uses gentle pressure to adjust the spine. A baby’s spine is analyzed for nervous system dysfunction and is placed in position to be adjusted such as Mommy’s lap and gentle pressure is applied. 

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