Better Posture While Sleeping

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Better Posture While Sleeping

Better Posture While Sleeping | Papillion Chiropractic | Omaha Treatment

As a trusted chiropractor in Papillion & Omaha, NE , we often fields questions about how to sit and stand correctly. Having good posture during waking hours is an effective way to keep back and neck pain to a minimum, but the effort does not end there. In fact, your posture while sleeping is also important. Here are a few ways to improve your posture while sleeping.

Better Posture While Sleeping Omaha & Papillion Chiropractor

According to the American Chiropractic Association, almost 31 million Americans experience back pain and predicts almost 80% of people suffer back pain at least once in their lives. Even your mental health and emotional well-being is affected by this practice of yours. Just follow some of the tips that we’ve specified below, and you shall start feeling the difference soon enough.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

It is normal for an Omaha chiropractor to see patients regularly sleeping on their stomachs. This style of sleep forces the neck into awkward positions, often leading to a twisting of the spine. As a result, you may feel pain in your upper back and neck when you are in the habit of sleeping this way. Some simple corrective exercises and better sleep posture can ease the pain.

Get a good mattress

We cannot stress the importance of a good mattress enough. Doctors have been asking their patients since time immemorial to ensure that they invest in a good quality mattress. Even if you’re sleeping in the right posture, you’re causing significant harm to your precious body if you do not sleep on a good mattress. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll in 2011 and found that 92% of people have agreed to the fact that a good night’s sleep goes hand in hand with a comfortable mattress.

On an average, after about seven years mattresses become too lumpy and uncomfortable. If you don’t have the money to buy a new one, we suggest that you keep flipping it over often. Another idea is to place a plywood between the mattress and the box spring so that it gets added support and gives you a firmer surface to sleep on.

Right pillow:

Then, the thing you should consider what kind of pillows you use underneath your head. A good pillow helps you to improve your hunched shoulders while sleeping. By using a good pillow perfectly, you can get rid of scrunching shoulders, shrugged shoulders, drooping shoulders, and rounded shoulders while sleeping.

Get side sleeping right

Side sleeping feels comfortable to many people, but having good posture can be difficult. For example, anyone who has broad shoulders will find it hard to keep the neck straight with just one pillow. When the neck angles toward the bed, it pulls the spine with it and can lead to upper and lower back pain. Try to remain as straight as possible; pillows can be used for support to get the right posture while sleeping.

The temperature of the room makes an impact

While sleeping in the right posture is important, your room temperature also plays an important role in giving you a good night’s sleep. You might not realize it beforehand but sleep is important if you want to be focused on your chores the following day.

Not sleeping well can also take a toll on your emotional and physical health in the long run. So to get some peaceful sleep, check the temperature before you doze off. According to most studies, humans sleep comfortably around 18 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regular exercise

A strong mindset is essential to alleviate your waking up back pain forever. You have to provide your body with the essential utensils to relieve the pain which wakes you up each night. This means that you own a strong & bendable core providing support to the spine. If you are sitting on a table for 8 or extra hours in a day, that can engage a little to your back, abdomen muscles and hips. Again, make a habit of taking a balanced diet which is very important to remain fit always.

As a result, it’s an excellent idea to take some scheduled exercises to boost the strength up and suppleness of the core every day. Doing this, you can correct your muscle imbalances which could cause your spine to wound or seizure at night. And it can improve your posture for 24 hours. You should make sure to have short breaks to carry the body on the movement through the workday. You should also try to do some exercises on a regular basis to make stronger the spine. Besides that, undertake a few stretches for improving your posture outside of the office.

Bottom line

You spend almost one-third of your life sleeping. So, it only makes sense to ensure that you sleep in the right posture so that your physical and emotional well-being are taken care of. Remember the above-mentioned ideas and if you realize that your sleeping posture needs to be corrected, do take proper measures. We are sure that you will sleep and feel better sooner than you expect.

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