Auto Accident

Hundreds of Americans are injured in auto accidents every day. Many of those people do not know where to turn after an auto accident and do not understand their rights after being injured in an auto accident. At Papillion Chiropractic we know that it can take up to several weeks to feel the full effects of an auto accident injury. We are here to guide auto accident victims on the right path to recovery.

The most important point to understand is that you will need to see a chiropractor after an auto accident. Though you may have been to the hospital and a medical doctor you still need to see a chiropractor. Why? Because you need a doctor that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of auto accident injuries. Usually, hospitals will check vital signs, make sure there are no life-threatening conditions and release the patient with a prescription for pain-relief medication. They do not treat the underlying improper musculoskeletal bio-mechanics that can and often do lead to future pain. Papillion Chiropractic focuses on treating and correcting the many symptoms associated with auto accident injuries such as: neck pain, headaches, back pain, numbness in arms and legs, sciatica, disc bulge, hip pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, anxiety/tension, and many more. In addition, if you have been injured in an auto accident, we are one of the few offices that accept liens, which means you can wait until your case settles to pay your bill.

At Papillion Chiropractic, our comprehensive rehabilitation services focus on structural correction of the spine and posture, not just pain relief. In addition to chiropractic spinal adjustments we also provide other therapies like heat, ice, traction, neuro-muscular therapy and postural exercises. Once a spinal injury due to an auto accident is corrected, or is as near normal as possible, we will help you to maintain the correction in order to prevent the condition or injury from returning. Dr. Boeckenhauer and his staff understands the pain, difficulty, and discomfort that an auto accident causes, which is why we treat each patient like a member of our own family, offering an exceptional level of comfort. Dr. Boeckenhauer utilizes a natural and gentle method in order to work one-on-one with children, adults, and seniors to assist in the restoration and maintenance of health after an auto accident. It is our goal to help you regain your health and independence. Whether its missing work, inability to spend time with loved ones, putting off the yard work and house cleaning, or not being able to enjoy the fun things in life, spinal conditions caused by auto accident injury can effect everything. See if Dr. Boeckenhauer at Papillion Chiropractic can help you regain your health and your life!

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We Offer:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Orthopedic and neurological examination
  • Hospital grade digital X-rays
  • Detailed chart notes and patient documentation
  • Chiropractic care
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Lien acceptance which means you can wait to pay your bill when the case settles